The Happiness Bazaar

About Us

A bunch of certain home-based innovative business owners, artists and crafters from all over Pakistan teamed up in 2020 to bring some well-earned happiness to the locals of the twin cities. They aimed to do this by showcasing their amazing products in an event aptly named, “The Happiness Bazaar.” What started as a group of 7 crafters has now turned into a big family of 300 entrepreneurs. It has conducted 11 successful events and anticipate to establish a nation-wide network of happiness. The displayed products are crafted with a lot of passion and love and are unique to the current marketplace.

This event is a great platform for small businesses to introduce their products to the market, and are advertised on social media to stir interest.

Furthermore, The Happiness Bazaar is the first ever inclusive event of the twin cities and makes sure the easy accessibility for differently-abled persons and marginalized communities. The Happiness Bazaar is a momentous economic activity which is set up in different attired, easily accessible and prominent arenas where decent families of expatriates, diplomats and local residents enjoy a quality holiday time. The Happiness Bazaar ensures the enforcement of Covid-19 SOPs in all of its occasions.

If you are unique, creative, innovative, passionate and business-oriented, then you are fully eligible to be a part of The Happiness Bazaar.

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